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Characterized by straight lines, an abundance of windows, and soaring front roof lines, modern sheds are great for a backyard home office, tool storage, gardening shed, workout room, she shed, or whatever your creative brain can come up with. Heartland Sheds offers high-quality modern wood sheds to help you bring your dream backyard space to fruition.

The Appeal of Modern Storage Sheds

The simple, clean aesthetic of modern sheds is very on-trend, appealing to those with an appreciation of the Frank Lloyd Wright style of architecture from the mid-twentieth century. This architectural style has made a huge comeback in recent years, and for good reason. The look is an organic and distinctly American style.

The high ceilings of a modern outdoor shed make it feel open and spacious, which is why this shed type makes a fantastic backyard art studio or maybe even the perfect place to rebuild those classic Café Racer motorcycles you love.

Heartland Modern Wood Sheds Set the Standard in Versatility

Our Modern wood sheds are made to give you everything you ever wanted in a shed. Here’s a quick rundown of the shed’s features.

The Modern shed has solid wood framing all throughout, which makes the structure of the shed extremely durable. You can rest assured that the structure is weather-resistant, resisting strong winds up to 90 mph. In addition to the wood framing, the shed features a sturdy sloping roof and durable shingles to ward off weather damage.

To add to the shed’s overall appeal and functionality, the Modern shed has extra-wide double doors, making storing large items a breeze. Let in the natural light and fresh air with the shed’s strategically placed windows (both operable and transom included).

One of the best qualities of our modern sheds is that they have a compact design that can easily fit in small spaces and corners. While the shed is compact, it is also spacious on the inside, affording you enough storage space for a variety of items, including bikes and associated supplies, gardening tools, outdoor furniture, and much more. In addition to its floor storage capacity, the modern shed can be customized by mounting shelves onto the walls.

Not only can you use our modern shed for storage – the structure also makes a fantastic art studio, hobby nook, or work studio.

At Heartland, we not only deliver top-quality sheds at an affordable price, but we also install them from start to finish while you sit back and relax!

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Modern Wood Shed FAQs

How much can I store in a modern shed?
Modern sheds come in many different sizes, so you get to choose the best size for you. If you choose a smaller modern wood shed due to space constraints, a tight budget, or your personal preferences, you can store small items, like garden tools, gasoline, power tools, or bicycles. If you want a large shed, you can store the previously named items in addition to seasonal decor, outdoor furniture, construction materials, and more.

How long does a modern wood shed last?
Our modern wood sheds can last indefinitely with proper installation and maintenance.

What’s the best material for a modern shed?
You’ll see modern sheds made of several materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. Wood offers the following advantages over other materials:

  • Customization possibilities – You can paint a wood shed to match your preferences, personal style, or the exterior of your home. Not only that, but you can also add shelves, hooks, or pegboards to increase your storage space.
  • Durability – Wood is extremely durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – You can change a wood shed’s paint color whenever the mood strikes. You can go from a calming pink, an organic earth connected tone or perhaps a color that pushes the edge and makes a bold statement.

Modern Shed Interior Design Ideas

With some creativity, you can bring your modern wood shed to life without breaking the bank. Try shopping flea markets, garage sales and antique shops. These are the perfect places to find retro-modern furniture, which goes great with a modern shed design. The straight, clean lines in architecture find their distant roots in Japan. So, it’s not surprising that the shape and flow of a modern building is very ‘Zen’ and calm inspiring.

Modern Shed Quick Facts

  • Costs:$3,149
  • Size: Small to large / 4x8ft+
  • Ideal uses: Gardening supply storage, seasonal items storage, pool supply storage, greenhouse, and more
  • Backyard placement: Next to the home, in corners, or deck
  • Materials: Wood, plastic, or metal

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