Shed Size Guide

1. What style of wood shed is right?
Choose a style you like and make sure that the door position and the size of the shed is right for the things you will be doing in the shed.

2. How are you using your shed?
You should consider how you will be using your shed. How much room do you need for storage and how much room do you need to work?

3. What size is right?
Choose a size that will give you room to grow.

Shed Examples and Sizes


Tips to determine the right shed size


Floor Space
Consider everything that will be on the floor? Things that are too heavy to lift and store overhead. Lawn tractor, snow blower, lawn mower, etc.?


Overhead and Wall hanging Space
Consider the things you have that will be put up in the loft or on the shelf. (square footage of each should be noted here). Also consider all of the long handled tools you have that will hand on the wall (wall height).


Walk-Around Space
Remember you will need space to walk around all of your floor items. We recommend at least 2 feet in between large items.


Do you need room to work?
Consider how much room you need to do construction, welding, Art, woodworking, building, making, etc.?

Tips to determine the right yard location

1. Choose a high spot in your yard. Low spots where water accumulates is not good.
2. To install the shed, the builder will need 3 feet of clearance on all sides.
3. Which way should the doors face? Consider a location that lets in the most natural light.

Home owner's Association

Contact your local HOA to ensure your shed meets any restrictions on building sizes, siding, roof type and foundations. HOA restrictions vary by county, so check with your local building inspector for in-depth information.

Customize to make it your own

Don’t settle for a wooden box in your backyard. Make it a picture-perfect space for all the things you aspire to do.


Sheds are a blank canvas. Choose a color to match your home or go bold.


Sheds are a blank canvas. Choose a color to match your home or go bold.


That's It

Here's to you and your new shed.

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