Shed Styles: Top 10 Shed Styles & Designs

With the boom of minimalistic culture in the home and tiny living industry, sheds are more than just a place to store stuff in today’s world. They are a place of work, relaxation and a second home. Thankfully, the styling of sheds kept up with the trends and have become a part of pop culture. No longer are you limited to a barn or simple a-frame design. You have a variety of options with distinct benefits. Here is our list of the top shed styles of today.

1. A-Frame

The simplicity and affordability make this design one of our best sellers. A classic roofline matches many home designs and is well received by those looking for a more conservative look. Roof design makes it easy to add a storage loft and shelving to keep seasonal items off the floor. Learn more about a-frame sheds.

a frame storage


2. Barn (also known as gambrel style)

Anytime you take a cruise on a country road, you will find wood barn sheds. Modern engineering has improved the quality of wooden barns tremendously. Louisiana Pacific engineers wood siding that is completely resistant to rot, decay and insects. Heartland Sheds only uses LP siding and that is one of the features that make our sheds last decades with minimal maintenance. Barn sheds are perfect for those who adore the country-style look. On top of that, the gambrel style roof is well suited for storage lofts. Add a few windows and a cupola and you have beautiful and comfy shed that will draw envy of the entire neighborhood. Learn more about barn style sheds.

wood barn storage


3. Craftsman

This style has a rich history that dates back to late-nineteenth-century England. Smooth roof lines and charming trim accents highlight this style showing off an elegant flair that is beloved by many. Windows are an integral part of the visual aesthetics and functionality. The craftsman of the world that make the things we use everyday commonly use these sheds. If you’re looking for a workshop with an elegant exterior and workhorse type interior, craftsman style sheds are your shed type. Learn more about craftsman style sheds.

craftsman tool shed


4. Workshop

As families grow, the amount of space to work inside your home can be hard to come by. That’s where a shed workshop comes in. You can have a well lit 100 square foot+ space to work on your inventions. It can be customized with shelves, workbenches to increase efficiency so you can get onto the next project. Unlike some garages, you can add multiple windows so natural light surrounds you. Best of all, you can have your dream workshop just steps from your backdoor. Learn more about workshop sheds.

shed workshop interior


5. Modern

The name of this style explains it all. Modern sheds show off that inspiring HGTV look. Clean lines, a good combination of muted colors and an interior full of sunshine. Modern sheds make the perfect backyard oasis, man cave, she shed or artist studio. Wood sheds are the ideal shed type for modern-styling thanks to their ease of customization with hooks, shelves and workbenches. If you are looking to follow the latest architectural styling, consider modern sheds. Learn more about modern sheds across the world here.

shed with modern styling


6. Saltbox

Not the most riveting shed style name, but it had a great following starting in the 16th century. Back then, families would add a one-story addition to the rear. This was how the current designed came to light. The key advantage of Saltbox style sheds is the entryway is much taller than the rear, so you can easily get inside; even for taller people. Learn more about saltbox style shedssaltbox shed style


7. Storage

A storage shed has one simple purpose; free up space in your garage so you stop tripping over little Jimmy’s bike or to keep your significant other off your case. Lofts and shelves keep your tools and equipment organized. A workbench provides a place to work. 6’ of sidewall height is suggested to keep rakes, ladders, shovels organized. Wood storage shed are some of the best types thanks to their easy to customize wooden frame. Learn more about storage sheds.

storage shed interior


8. Studio

Studio style sheds refer to top-notch sheds that are designed for active uses such as a home office, art studio, writer shed, yoga studio or a backyard getaway. An inviting open floor plan, French doors and plenty of natural light create a stress-free environment. Studio sheds let dreamers dream, musicians craft the perfect score or just catch up on their favorite novel. Learn more about studio style sheds.

Studio Shed style


9. Lean-To

Practical and affordable, lean-to style sheds exist to provide storage in small backyards. They are often found attached to homes, corners or fences. They are perfect for storing outdoor gardening tools and equipment and a grill. The roofline slopes down from the rear, rather than peaking in the center. A well-designed lean-to building features shelving, a pegboard and various hooks to hang items. Featuring anywhere where from 25-60 square feet of space, lean-to sheds might be your perfect little storage companion. Learn more about lean to sheds here.

lean to storage


10. Flat Roof

This style refers to sheds that have a roof with very little slope. This style is simplest to install and often the most economical. They are often featured on lean-to style sheds. Learn more about flat roof shed styles here.