Large Wood Sheds

large shed

Large sheds range from 144 to 288 square feet. That would be sheds between a 12’x12’ to a 12’x24’ and everything in between with varying widths and depths. A shed of this size can handle anything from large lawn equipment to recreational vehicles. This size works very nicely for she sheds, bar sheds, hobby sheds or workshops. Another common application for a shed of this size is a motorcycle shed as there’s plenty of room for storage plus maintenance and repair work on your bike. Something to consider with a shed of this size is that you will require approximately 20% more space for pathways between stored items so you can easily access the back wall of the shed. If you plan to store motorcycles, ATVs, lawn tractors, or snowmobiles make sure your door will accommodate these large items. Other common uses for large sheds are multi-use sheds, ‘maker’ sheds, workshops, backyard offices, yoga or gym sheds and more. With this much space the possibilities are virtually endless.

Multi-use sheds provide more than adequate room for storage yet still maintain plenty of room for active work.


The ‘maker movement’ has escalated the popularity of today’s maker shed. The ideal maker shed has plenty of room for raw material, equipment and tool storage without compromising active workspace. A shed of this size gives you all the room you need to tinker, create and invent. This may be the spot where you change the world.


Larger sized sheds give you extra space, so as your family grows, you have plenty of space to store all the extra stuff that comes with an expanding family. Whatever you love to do, we bet you need a place to do it. A larger shed might be the perfect solution to the frustrations you’ve been feeling. Now you can have a place to bring your dreams and ideas into the world. Or, at the very least, you’ll have one heck of a sweet place to keep your stuff.

  • Size category: Large
  • Sizes: 12’x12′ – 16’x18′
  • Square footage: 144 – 288 square feet
  • Uses: Garden supply storage, outdoor storage, tool storage, potting shed,  workshop, studio style shed, gyms and barns
  • Items that can fit inside:  motorcycles, snow mobiles, wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, bicycles, wet-vac’s and snowblowers, tractors, canoe’s, ATV’s and more
  • Types: wood, metal and plastic
  • Roof style: Gable, gambrel and ranch
  • Cost: $3,499+

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