floor plans 8x8 shed

  • Size category: Small
  • Best uses: Storing weed trimmers, lawn mowers, weed feeders, bicycles, wheelbarrows and potting/gardening equipment. Could be a small man cave or she shed
  • Square footage: 64 sq. ft.
  • Yard size: Small – large backyards
  • Actual size: 8’W x 8’D (8′ by 8′)
  • Cost: Economical – $999 (do-it-yourself) -$1,999 (installed)

8×8 Sheds Best Uses

Categorized as a small shed, an 8’x8’ storage shed is a size that will fit smaller yards, or if you have a larger property, you can place an 8×8 shed almost anywhere in your yard. Storing tools and garden equipment is a great use. Good as a single purpose shed, as it is difficult to have both storage and complete projects in a shed of this size. However, if you only need to store yard equipment and a push mower, or a couple bikes this can be a good size. Skylights or windows can be added to a shed this size to make accessing your items easier or if you are completing a project you will have the natural light necessary to do work.

Are 8×8 Sheds the Right Choice for my yard?

Buying a backyard shed is a big decision and the size you choose will determine how much use you get out of it. Think about how you will use the shed. The great thing about having a place for your things is that you can have it all together in one place and organized.  For example, if you have a lot of camping gear, your life becomes much better when it’s all together in one place instead of being stored in 6 different locations around your home. The right shed flat-out makes whatever you love doing better.

Need help leveling or preparing your foundation for an 8 by 8 shed? Check out our shed buyers guide.

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