8×12 Storage Sheds: Things to Know

This is considered a medium-sized wood shed at 96 square feet. With a structure this size, you can store a wide variety of items beyond tools and lawn equipment. There are so many different ways to use sheds now, and an 8×12 shed is the perfect size for a starter wooden shed: not so large that it’ll take up excessive space on your property, but big enough that you can use the space however you wish.

When thinking about size, you want to consider what the shed’s primary use will be. Do you simply need storage for lawn tractors and other yard equipment and supplies? Are you an avid gardener with many garden tools, a lawn mower, bags of soil, and fertilizer with a need for some space to do all your potting? Then a garden shed is perfect for you. 

Will your shed be a workshop? A workout-space? What else can you imagine? One of the benefits of Heartland Sheds is the ability to create the space you need. Plans for an 8×12 shed can turn into many things, not just storage options.

Make the Most of Your 8×12 Wood Shed

While some items may be too large for a medium shed, there are steps you can take to maximize your 8×12 shed’s storage capacity. Extra shelves add storage space to your unit by freeing up floor space—an especially easy project with the wooden walls. You can DIY shelves or find a shed with shelves or a storage loft already built-in (like the Heartland Sheds’ Classic 8×12 storage shed).

One of the best things to do before purchasing a shed is to draft plans for an 8×12 shed to determine how the space will be used, and even see if a larger or smaller shed would suit you better. Planning out the space will help you visualize where to store equipment and how much space you’ll have left for projects, creation, or work. Get creative by planning out where shelves can go on the walls, what you might hang from the ceiling, and where you want your windows and skylight to be.

You’ll be surprised by how much an 8×12 storage shed can contain if you take the time to plan it out first. Heartland Sheds also come with an extra spacious double door opening, so if you need to store lawn mowers, bicycles, or other equipment that you plan to take in and out of the shed frequently, you won’t have any spatial problems. If the 8×12 wood shed is going to serve as an entertainment room, office, or small gym, the double doors are an added feature that can let in fresh air and sunlight.

Are 8×12 Sheds the Right Size for My Needs?

argest items you plan to store in the shed. Also consider the height of the largest stored items, as this may rule out some sizes or building styles that have shorter sidewall heights.

If you plan to work on projects that require significant room to walk around—maybe you’re working on a motorcycle or creating a gym with large equipment—you may want to find a shed with more than eight feet of width. But if you plan to use the shed primarily for storage or a less space-dependent project, this shed has the perfect amount of square feet.

Need more help preparing your yard and finding the best place for an 8×12 shed? Check out our shed buyers guide.

Find Top Quality 8×12 Wood Sheds at Heartland Sheds

Get a top-quality wood shed to fulfill your outdoor storage needs and one that will remain standing for years to come. At Heartland Sheds, we design, build, and sell exceptional wood storage sheds that’ll surpass your expectations.

Our Classic Shed is a customer favorite. It’s called the Classic for a reason, and it has an attractive appearance in any yard with its gable roof. The 8×12 shed has a peak height of 9’10” and a sidewall height of 7’. It features 2×4 lumber wall framing which gives the shed considerable durability. 

It can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy snow. Adding to the shed’s appeal is its ready-to-paint Treated LP siding, which resists decay, rot, and insects. To expand the storage space in the shed and give you easy access to small items, it comes with shelves.

Other features include:

  • Heavy-duty flooring for heavy equipment
  • Transom windows to bring in natural light
  • Galvalume roof system to minimize corrosion and keep the shed cool
  • An affordable price when you order from Heartland Sheds

plans for an 8x12 shed

  • Size category: Medium
  • Best uses: Tool and equipment storage, lawn mowers, bicycles, wheelbarrows, and potting/gardening equipment. Perfect size for workshops and home offices.
  • Square footage: 96 sq. ft.
  • Yard size: Medium – Large
  • Actual size: 8’W x 12’D (8′ by 12′)
  • Types: Wood, plastic and metal
  • Cost: $1,599  (Do-it-yourself) to $3,000 (installed)

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