aerial view of a 16 x 16 shed floorplan

  • Size category: Extra large storage
  • Best uses: Workshops, guest houses, studios, cottage sheds, garages, sanctuaries and offices
  • Square footage: 256 sq. ft.
  • Yard size: Large
  • Actual size: 16’W x 16’D (16′ by 16′)
  • Cost: Starting at $6,999+

16×16 Shed Uses

There are so many ways a 16×16 shed can be used. We’re talking about 256 sq. ft. of space. It can be used as overflow living space, a detached garage, one heck of a great workshop, or even a home office. Because of its size, it’s a great option for a cottage shed where many will have larger pieces of equipment such as boats, ATVs, bikes, snowblowers, lake supplies, and much more. Cottages are usually home to fun outdoor activities with big pieces that need a place to live safely. Cottage sheds offer the extra space to keep tools and equipment safe from rust, rot, and natural wear and tear.

A shed this size can also be used as a 16 x 16 sunroom — whether at the cottage or at home. A 16 x16 sunroom can house a comfortable sitting area, large windows, warm throws and pillows, and anything else you need to create a space you’re excited to get back to. You can even set up the space to use for overflow guests to sleep in when hosting.

The possibilities are endless with a space this size.

Whether you’re a creator, a thinker, a tinkerer, a dancer, or something else, a 16×16 shed provides the space to do your work (or have fun). It will provide an abundance of storage space for raw building materials while leaving plenty of room to work. This can be a place to bring your ideas and dreams into the world.

Having an overabundance of space not only provides the room you need today but it also gives you room to grow in the future. We find that once people have a shed to work in, their hobbies and passions grow, increasing the demand for even more space. With 16′ in width, this size is perfect as a garage. We also suggest adding garage doors to your 16 x 16 shed for extra convenience.


The planning phase is the most important step in determining the ideal shed size. You should have a clear vision of the shed’s intended purpose. Will it be for storage or active use? Also think about what size and shape will fit the specific dimensions and landscape features of your backyard. With a shed this large you should always leave a minimum of four feet of space on all sides of the shed. How will the shed affect the other areas of the yard and traffic flow? Once you find the perfect location for your 16×16 shed, custom landscaping might be a great option to consider as it will add significant visual appeal to your yard.


Due to its large size, a permit is typically required to install a 16×16 shed. Many HOA’s have maximum height restrictions on buildings, so it’s important to contact your local HOA before your purchase to ensure you can build a shed of this size in your backyard.

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