16x12 shed floor plan

  • Size category: Large
  • Best uses:  Storing tools, wheelbarrows, snowmobiles, tractors, lawnmowers and seasonal equipment.  Would also be a great space as a gym, office and art studio.
  • Square footage: 192 sq. ft.
  • Yard size: Large
  • Actual size: 16’W x 12’D (16′ by 12′)
  • Cost: High ($3,699 Do-it-yourself to $4,999 installed)

16×12 Sheds Best Uses

16×12 sheds would fit into the large storage category. At almost 200 sq. ft., this size and dimension – with the wide front is ideal as a work space. Plenty of room for storage and active work or fun in the case of a recreational shed like a ‘she shed.’ This size, especially with an extra-wide double door, can also work nicely if you have a large vehicle to store like a motorcycle, ATV or lawn tractor. If you plan to store a vehicle in the shed you might want to consider adding access ramps as an accessory. If you’re a ‘maker,’ this size is great for a ‘maker shed.’ It will provide an abundance of storage space for raw materials while leaving plenty of room for active making, building, crafting and inventing. This can be a place to bring your ideas and dreams into the world.

Will a 16×12 Shed Fit in My Yard?

The most important factor in determining the ideal shed size is to have a clear vision of the sheds intended purpose. Will it be for storage or active use like woodworking? Or, both? Another important factor to think about is what size and shape will fit the specific features and size of your backyard best. Remember you also need to leave a minimum of 3 feet of space on all sides of the shed for ease of passage. Finding a location on your property with plenty of space then complimenting the shed with custom landscaping can add significant visual appeal to your yard and potentially increase the value of your home.

Want to learn more about preparing your yard for a 16 by 12 shed? Read our outdoor storage shed buyers guide.

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