16x10 shed

  • Size category: Large
  • Best uses:  Storing tools, wheelbarrows, snowmobiles, tractors, lawnmowers and seasonal equipment.  Would also be a great space as a gym, office and art studio.
  • Square footage: 160 sq. ft.
  • Yard size: Medium – Large
  • Actual size: 16’W x 10’D (16′ by 10′)
  • Cost: High ($3,299 Do-it-yourself to $4,399 installed)

16×10 Sheds Practical Uses

Two words.  Work. Shop.  Okay, workshop is actually one word, but you get our point. 16×10 sheds are perfect size for a workshop. Plenty of width for an extra-wide double door without sacrificing usable storage or active workspace. A shed of this size has plenty of room for whatever your intended use. Bar shed, she shed, ‘maker’ shed, backyard gym, art studio, office, you name it and you can get it done in a shed of this size. Plus, additional loft and shelf space give you even more room to store materials, tools or general items. If you do plan to use your shed for recreational activity or active building you might want to consider adding windows or skylights to optimize the work area.

16×10 Shed Backyard Placement Ideas

A 16×10 wood shed is typically placed in the back corner of a property. But, depending on the landscaping and terrain of your yard you might choose a location that works best for your particular needs. Consider specific features like trees, hills, plant beds, etc. when determining the placement that’s best. The intended use for your shed can also be a factor when determining placement. For example, if you’re using the shed to make wooden hunting decoys that you sell online, it might be a good idea to place it close to a road for easy access of delivery vehicles to ship the thousands of orders.

Looking to prepare your backyard for a 16 by 10 shed and unsure where to start? Be sure to check out our shed buyer’s guide.

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