12×24 Shed Quick Facts

Size category: Large
Best uses: Storing boats, classic cars, tractors, lawn furniture, snowmobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and more. Also ideal as a workshop, pool shed, bar shed man cave/she shed
Square footage: 288 sq. ft.
Yard size: Large yards
Actual size: 12’W x 24’D (12′ by 24′)
Upgrades to consider: 12×12 sheds with lofts for overhead storage. Ramps are helpful to bring tractors and ATV’s in and out
Cost:  $4,299 (do-it-yourself) – $6,399 (installed)

12×24 Wood Sheds Common Uses
Whether you have plans to use your 12×24 shed for simple storage, vehicle storage, or recreation space, 288 square feet of space gives you the room to do it. You could park 4 average-sized ATVs inside and still have room to walk between them, plus plenty of room in the back for all of your tools and a workbench. This is a great size for a large ‘maker’ shed because there is so much room to store raw materials, build, tinker, and store the finished product.

Many people have used sheds of this size to start a business right in their backyards. But, it’s also perfect for recreation and social gatherings. If you’re looking to have enough space to host friends in a game room, bar, or extra living room, a 12×24 shed is perfect. Also, consider barn-style sheds that offer overhead storage space for lofts if you want to make your outdoor storage shed a multi-use space.

Make the Most of Your 12×24 Wood Shed

First, decide what you want to do with your 12×24 shed. When you are looking for a shed this large, you may already have a grand plan, like making your shed into a second home or an office. But then how do you execute such a big undertaking?

The Barn Shed from Heartland Sheds is available in the 12×24 size, and it has many features that will fulfill your needs. This classic style will fit any yard, and you can customize the color you paint your wood shed. The Barn Shed looks like a barn, with a gable roof, extra-wide double doors, a window to let in light, decorative door hinges, and a 4 ft deep storage loft. Add hooks or shelves to the walls of the shed for even more organization and storage. There are so many ways to use this space, we can’t list them all here! But you’ll soon find that this large shed is not only for storage – it’s a place where you’ll want to spend time.

How to Determine if a 12×24 Shed Will Fit In Your Yard
To determine the size of your shed, you need to have a clear idea about its intended purpose. Will it be for storage or active use like woodworking? Or, both? Another important factor is what size and shape will fit the specific features and size of your backyard best. For example, how large is the yard? How many trees are on the property? How hilly is the property? Sometimes, it’s not just about the number of acres of your property – it’s how much level ground is on the property. If the ground is not level, you may require a more complicated foundation or site preparation before 12×24 shed installation can occur.

Be sure to check out our shed buyers guide to learn more on how to prep your yard for a 12 by 24 shed.

There’s no reason to look for anything less than the best when you’re shopping for a large shed. At Heartland Sheds, we design, build, and sell exceptional wood storage sheds that’ll surpass your expectations.

Find Top Quality 12×24 Wood Sheds at Heartland Sheds

Every Heartland Sheds product is reliably weather-resistant, durable, and aesthetically appealing. The 12×24 wood shed is no different, which makes it the perfect choice for someone looking for a large shed. Each shed is able to withstand harsh weather events and a hefty snow load with rigid 2×4 wall framing. Plus, it includes ready-to-paint Treated LP siding, which resists decay, rot, and insects.

This shed also comes with extra-wide double doors, a window, a 4-foot-deep second-floor loft for storage, and a heavy-duty treated floor that can hold heavy equipment and vehicles.

You get these features and more at a price you can afford from Heartland Sheds.

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