10x8 shed footprint floor plan

  • Size category: Small
  • Best uses: Push mowers, lawn/garden tools, bikes, small tractors, wheelbarrows, shovels and more. Could be transformed into a backyard sanctuary
  • Square footage: 80 sq. ft.
  • Yard size: Small – large backyards
  • Actual size: 10’W x 8’D (10′ by 8′)
  • Cost: Economical – $1199 (do-it-yourself) -$2,299 (installed)

10×8 Shed Benefits

80 square feet gets you to a shed size that has utility beyond storage. With loft and shelf space you can have room to both store equipment and do work. Great for smaller riding mowers, snow blowers and lawn equipment. Or, set up this building to be your maker shed where you can complete projects whether you make custom jewelry, build furniture, work on drones or engineer robots.  As long as you don’t have too many things that you need to store, this size can be quite functional. When using a shed for active projects, for example woodworking, you will need a workbench, a comfortable stool and light to work by, so consider adding windows or skylights. If ATVs are your thing, a shed this size can work nicely as long as you keep enough open floor space and you have doors that are adequately wide.

Are 10×8 Sheds the Right Storage Solution for Me?

Choosing the right shed size can be daunting, but we’re here to make it easy. Think about these 3 key questions and you will end up with a shed that’s perfect for your lifestyle. What is your yard size? How are you using the shed? How many things do you need to store in the shed? A good exercise to estimate how much storage space you need is to lay out all the things you want to keep in your shed and measure that area.

Need help prepping your build site for a 10 by 8 shed? Check out our shed buyers guide.

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