10x16 shed floor layout

  • Size category: Large
  • Best uses: Storing leaf blowers, snowblowers, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, wheelbarrows and more. Also would make a great home office, workshop or gym
  • Square footage: 160 sq. ft.
  • Yard size: Medium – Large
  • Actual size: 10’W x 16’D (10 by 16)
  • Types: Wood, plastic and metal
  • Styles: Barn, ranch and gable
  • Cost: $2,499  (Do-it-yourself) to $4,499 (installed)

10×16 Shed Advantages

Have you been thinking about using a shed for a workshop, home office, maker shed or backyard gym? A 10×16 wood shed is an ideal size for active-use applications like these. If you have a lot of gear to store, but also need space to work 160 square feet will give you adequate area to accomplish that. For example, if you’re an avid snowboarder you might need room to store and organize your gear, but want available room to wax your boards and adjust your bindings.

Having a dedicated space for the things you love to do is ideal. Having room to work and a way to keep things organized and out of the way really makes your shed functional. Creating a custom space in your backyard is a great compliment to your lifestyle. You can spread out, keep all or your supplies in one place and disappear to the backyard whenever inspiration strikes.

How to Determine if 10×16 Sheds Are Right for You

A very important thing to consider is where you will place your shed in your yard. You want to not only make certain there is enough room for the shed, but we recommend a minimum of 3 feet around all sides of the shed. You will also want to consider other things in the yard like landscaping, play structures or swimming pools. Make certain you don’t crowd these features and you should also think of the visual appeal of how these elements work together. With a shed this deep you may want to consider additional windows or skylights to bring in more natural light.

Ready to purchase a 10 by 16 shed, but unsure where to start?  Check out our shed buyers guide.

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