10x10 shed floor plan

  • Size category: Medium
  • Best uses: Storing lawn/gardening equipment, seasonal items, bicycles, weed trimmers, shovels and lawn mowers
  • Square footage: 100 sq. ft.
  • Yard size: Medium – Large
  • Actual size: 10’W x 10’D (10 by 10)
  • Types: Wood, plastic and metal
  • Styles: Barn, ranch and gable
  • Cost: $1,399  (Do-it-yourself) to $3,299 (installed)

What can I fit in a 10×10 shed?

If you have a small vehicle like a lawn tractor, a snowmobile, an ATV or motorcycle a 100 square foot shed can work nicely for you as long as you have a double door that gives you adequate width to enter and exit the building. However, in a shed of this size, that vehicle is going to occupy much of the floor space. We would recommend measuring the larger items that you want to keep in the shed, then consider how much space you need to navigate between those items to access loft and shelf storage, and to do any work in the shed. A heavy-duty floor, like the one offered standard by Heartland Sheds, is just what you need for heavier items like this.

10×10 Shed Options to Consider

A 10×10 shed can be a great size for a workshop if that is your primary use and if you don’t have a lot of large items that will clutter the space. Windows and skylights providing natural light to work by should always be considered if you want to complete projects in the shed. Also, storage shelves and a functional workbench make great additions to any working shed. Consider adding a loft thanks to its extra overhead storage space capabilities. The best way to make yourself the best at what you do is to have the perfect shed where you can unleash your talent.

Need more help to determine if a 10 by 10 storage shed is right for you? Check out our shed buyers guide.

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