She Shed

It’s the hottest shed trend of the last decade and continuing to grow with no end in sight. Why wouldn’t it? She sheds are the best way to create a paradise right in your backyard. A place to showcase your design skills. A place to keep your collectibles. A place to pursue your hobbies. A place to read and relax. A place that’s your very own oasis.

She Shed Experience

There’s something calming about having a special place to get away or to enjoy a cup of tea and good conversation with friends. Of course, a nice glass of merlot can certainly take the experience up a notch.

She Shed Styles

The style of shed you choose and the way you decorate is limitless. Whether it’s a modern farmhouse style, classic cottage feel, a touch of Tuscany, or perhaps an English garden house vibe; your shed can be exactly what you want it to be.

Shed Design & Decorating Ideas

We suggest plenty of windows for natural light and ventilation to catch that nice afternoon breeze. Skylights are also a great way to brighten up your space. Try adding decorative flooring to really make your shed spectacular. Taking your shed from ordinary to oh-so-cute begins with the outside. Paint it a calming color like light blue, or a feminine shade of purple or light yellow. Or, better yet, order the Heartland Sheds paint package and let us paint it for you.

One of the great aspects of a she shed is having a quiet space where you can embrace a hobby that’s important to you. Some people into gardening use it as a potting shed. If painting is your thing, you can create storage for all your painting supplies and an area to work. You’ll be just brush strokes away from your masterpiece. Your shed can also be used as simply a quaint place to hang out; somewhere to escape and curl up with a good book.

With a little creativity, you can decorate your shed without spending lots of money. Look to flea markets, garage sales and antique shops for unexpected finds. Placing your shed in a quiet spot and surrounding it with plants, vines and flowers help create a tranquil feel, all the better for some afternoon lounging. You should also bring the garden inside by decorating with freshly picked flower arrangements, plants and bold floral-patterned wall hangings. Don’t forget to utilize shelves and lofts for organization.

To create the right mood, she sheds should have an inviting entrance. Wide double doors really help open up the space. You could also decorate the exterior with romantic outdoor curtains, decorative string lights or hanging lanterns.

As your hobbies and style preferences change, you can easily update your shed to reflect them. Wooden sheds are particularly good for this since they are easy to re-paint and customize. Hey, it’s your space! Do what you want with it, whenever you want. There are no rules when it comes to creating the she shed of your dreams.

she shed

She Shed Uses:

  • Craft room
  • Greenhouse
  • Bar
  • Two story shed with work space on bottom floor and guest room on second story
  • Room of your own
  • Art studio
  • Office
  • Reading area
  • Music studio

Shed Costs

She sheds can range from $1,799 to $4,000. It really depends on needs, size and your budget. Our Modern Sheds would be a perfect choice as it offers plenty of natural light and sophistication.

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