Wooden Bike Sheds

Whether your garage is overflowing or you’re really into the biker lifestyle, one thing’s for sure, you need a bicycle shed. Bicycles, especially good quality ones, are not cheap. So, you should protect your investment by all means! Not to mention avid cyclists get very emotionally attached to their bikes.

The last thing you want is for someone to come along and steal it. To keep it safely locked away and protected from inclement weather we suggest a wooden shed. A wood bike shed provides more security and more protection from inclement weather than plastic sheds, metal sheds or any of the low-end vinyl bike storage options.

Benefits of Wooden Bike Sheds

A bike storage shed is the best place to store your bicycles to get them out of the elements. Rain, freezing rain, snow, and especially hail can severely damage your bike and shorten its life-span. Keeping a bike stored inside prevents rust and breakdown of plastic & rubber parts from prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight. Keep your bike protected and create a space where you can do your thing and really live the biker lifestyle. A place for everything, all in one place with your very own backyard shed.

Bicycle Shed Uses & Storage Options

With so many different sizes and styles of outdoor sheds to choose from, Heartland Sheds gives you a wide array of options to fit your idea of the perfect bicycle storage shed.

How many bikes do you have? Will you store all of your bike accessory gear, your maintenance, repair and cleaning supplies in the shed also? Do you want to have extra room to work on your bike inside the shed? Do you want your shed to also be your escape/hangout space?

We’ve got the perfect shed to fulfill all of your needs!

Heartland’s Sheds are Expertly Crafted and Built to Last

Heartland Sheds is home to top quality sheds that are weather resistant, durable, secure, and cleverly designed. For instance, our Classic Shed is a great option to store your bikes and any other items you’d like. Here are some of the features that make it stand out from the rest: 

  • Solid wood 2×4 walls to keep it standing in harsh weather. 
  • Super wide double doors for easy access to large items like tandem bikes, cargo bikes, ATVs, garden tools, etc. 
  • High quality shelf and loft, giving you off-the floor storage space and enhanced organization.
  • Treated LP siding to ward off pests, rot, and decay.
  • Availability in a wide variety of sizes – choose the perfect size for you. 

With this shed, or any of our other high quality sheds, you can rest assured that your bikes will remain dry and protected from the sun, high winds, and other outside elements. In addition, due to our sheds’ sturdiness, you don’t have to worry about whether your bikes are secure. Lock your bike away and forget about it until it’s time for your next ride!

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