Brown Sheds

People don’t frequently claim brown as their favorite color, but when it’s on a building, like a shed, brown can be a great choice. Brown is very natural and compliments the organic, earthy colors of any backyard landscape. So, it might not be a favorite color overall, but it might be a favorite shed color. Color psychology indicates that a brown shed can evoke a wholesome feeling, a connection with the earth and a sense of orderliness. Orderliness? What a perfect feeling for a storage shed!


If you are using your shed as a potting shed or gardening shed, brown may be a great color selection for you. After all brown goes great with green, orange and red … the primary vegetable colors. There are many shades of brown from a light brown, khaki shade to a deep dark brown. A very dark, almost brown color can be a beautiful choice to contrast with grey shingles or a silver galvanized steel roof. If you’re thinking about lighting fixtures for the front of your shed, a nickel of stainless-steel finish goes great with a brown shed.


No matter what your color choice, if you buy your shed from Heartland Sheds, select the paint package at checkout and let us do all the hard work. You can just kick back and relax while we bring your brown shed dream to life.brown shed

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