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A workshop style shed is typically rectangular in shape with the doors and windows on the longer side. This provides easy entry and access to stored items or tools within. The windows provide the natural light you need to locate stored items or to work on projects. This type of shed has recently been referred to as a ‘maker shed’ because they are very popular with those engaged in the ‘maker movement.’ Makers are creative people that have recaptured hands-on building and making of things. They are visionary dreamers with ambitions to change the world by improving it with the things they invent and build.


A couple key considerations when shopping for an outdoor workshop shed are firstly, how much space do you need for storage. Secondly, how much space do you need to work? How large are your tools and machines? How large are the things you build and how much space will you require for parts and raw materials in order to work efficiently?


Before you start building a workshop, here are a few things to consider. When you have the room you need to work, it’s so much easier to get things done. So, firstly you need to have an open area for that. An outdoor workshop should also have a good workbench to complete projects and shelves to store materials and tools. Your work surface is one of the most important pieces of the perfect workshop. It should be sturdy and of significant size to complete work. It is best to have your tools and supplies nearby, within reach. Having them on the work surface will not be efficient so tools should be kept at easily accessible heights so that you can reach for what you need while you’re working.


Rather than tossing small tools in a drawer, store them on a pegboard with hooks using the free wall space directly above the workbench. You will be able to quickly locate and grab the precise tool to finish the job. Accessories like skylights and windows can really improve the functionality of your workshop shed because it will let in much more natural light to work by.

In addition to the workbench area, make sure you have extra room to bring in large materials and equipment. You also might want to set aside some space to relax. After a hard day of building there’s nothing better than being able to kick back for a few minutes. Maybe with a nice icy cold beverage of your choosing? Make sure you leave some extra open area for this critical objective. A great workshop shed is a reflection of you and your hobby. It should be functional and organized to support the things you love to do. A place where you can dream up your next big creation.

Heartland Sheds Workshop Summary:

Here is a quick list of things you should know when looking at outdoor workshops.

  • Shed workshop costs: $1,999-$4,999+
  • Ideal size: 10×12+, 120 square feet or more
  • Best styles: Ranch style, gable and barn style
  • Best materials: Wooden sheds are best due to the ease of customization with workbenches, shelves and storage hooks

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