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Typically, using modern design, a studio shed is most frequently used for a particular lifestyle application versus traditional storage. Some of the most common uses are home office, art studio, writer’s shed or workout space. A studio shed is perfect for gaining the additional working space you need. Imagine having your own private office where you could work from home or even start your own business. Many people use a backyard studio to invent and manufacture their own products then sell and ship nationwide.

Architecturally, a studio style shed has simple, angular lines that make it as beautiful as it is functional. The look is very on-trend today while simultaneously timeless. It harkens back to the mid-century modern Frank Lloyd Wright aesthetic. These sheds are designed to provide a place where you can get away from the regular commotion of your house and do amazing things. The sloping roof that is characteristic of a studio shed and abundant windows gives it distinctly contemporary design features.


Choose a size that fits your needs and ambition. A studio shed is a very cost-effective way to add space to your home. You also avoid having to live in a construction zone, the way you would if you opted for adding on to your home. The design of our modern shed will allow you to fully finish the space inside. By adding electrical, insulation, drywall and floor coverings you can create the professional office space you’ve always wanted. Or, the shed can be left unfinished on the inside and you will have a modern-looking storage space. The long-term savings of a home office can be great. You save on your commute to work and you get more work done by being away from the distractions inside your home.


No matter what your passion is in life, a studio shed can help you make the most of it. The extra space dedicated specifically for your use does wonders for a hobby, art or interest. Whether you’re an avid camper, kayaker of sculptor that extra room you need will help you unleash your talent. Our studio style sheds come in two sizes 10×8 and 12×8. The 12×8 comes with a long row of transom windows and two full-sized, operable windows so you will have plenty of natural light to do your work or have your fun. A studio-style shed is the perfect place for the world’s thinkers, makers, dreamers and doers.

  • Pricing: $2,499-$20K
  • Install options: DIY kit (not available on Heartland sheds) and installed
  • Potential uses: Tradtional storage, workshop, Hair Salon, Bathroom, Music Studio, Art Studio, Gardening/ Reading area, Home office, Photography studio, recording studio, man cave, she shed and more

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