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The term storage shed is used to define such a great number of different shed styles that one could easily forget that it’s a style all its own. A true storage shed is perfect for those that want to free up space inside their home or get all that clutter out of the garage. The best way to get started is to decide firstly, what you want to store, and secondly, how much? We recommend gathering everything you want to put in the shed in one place and evaluate the approximate size shed you will need. Then, consider what type of storage accessories you might need? Do you have a lot of long handled garden tools? Do you have a lot of small items that need to be separated and stored in containers on shelves? Are your items small like tools, or large like a canoe?


Once you’ve determined the size and scale of your items to be stored, we suggest you add a bit of extra space as over time you will undoubtedly need additional room.  You can never have too much extra space to store your precious items. Additionally, you need to consider some extra pathway space so you can easily enter and exit the storage shed.

Some shed types are better than others depending on your specific storage need. For example, a shed with tall side walls is better if you have a lot of long handled garden tools. Barn design sheds can provide several square feet of additional overhead storage space because they have a high ceiling and can accommodate an extra-large loft area. An extra-wide double front door is very convenient if you have a lawn tractor, ATV, wheelbarrow or other large items you need to get in and out.

Do you have valuable items you are storing? If the answer is yes, make sure your shed is lockable and we also suggest a shed constructed of wood as they are much more secure than flimsy plastic or thin aluminum sheds. A good lock and a sound, sturdy storage shed will put your mind at ease. Also, the superior roof system and lifetime shingles of a Heartland Shed will keep the rain out so your stored items will be safely protected from water damage. We suggest you keep two to three feet of walk space in front of all shelves or handing storage areas. Also, for ease of movement, you should maintain a 3-foot walkway to enter, gather your items and exit the storage shed. Follow these tips and you will be storing like a pro in no time. For more tips on finding the perfect storage solution, check out our buyer’s guide.

  • Costs: $1,799+
  • Types: Wood, plastic, metal and vinyl
  • Shed sizes: 6×8+
  • Top-selling options: Shelves, workbenches, lofts, windows and ramps

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