Wood Craftsman Sheds

The craftsman style originated in late nineteenth-century England. At the time Britain was experiencing a massive industrial revolution like nothing that had ever been encountered. From this rose the Arts & Crafts Movement which was all about rejecting the new, mass-produced construction style in favor or handcrafted works made by artisans. This push-back against bland is what led to the classic hallmarks of the craftsman style. Sloping roof lines and the charming architectural details. This style that connects to people who love time-honored craftsmanship and ornamental detail has influenced the shed world in addition to homes.

For sheds, the style displays itself in structural door details, transom windows, door hinge design, ornate window trim and carriage style double doors. Craftsman style was always intended for the working man. What better for a backyard workshop or art studio. Another hallmark of craftsman style is functionality.

Craftsman Style Workshop Sheds

With their typically rectangular dimensions, craftsman style sheds make great workspaces and their visual appeal will bring charm to your backyard and can add value to your home. With unique features like dormers, transom windows and double doors a craftsman style shed is and elegant and beautiful addition to any yard. Transom windows let in loads of natural light, making it the perfect choice for a garden or potting shed. The sky’s the limit when it comes to how you use your shed. You can create a beautiful writer’s studio tucked away in a quiet corner of your property where you can pen that novel you’ve been dreaming about. Or, maybe it’s just a grocery list you need to write?

Craftsman Shed Storage Ideas

What if you put a craftsman shed next to the pool? What a great looking pool house that would make. All your neighbors would be jealous, but I’m sure they’d come over to hang out. Of course, you want your shed to be more than just something beautiful to look at. At heartlandsheds.com all of our buildings are made ‘the way a shed should be.’ A heavy-duty floor system that will easily support heavy equipment and is resistant to insects and water damage. The roof is built to exacting standards with grade A felt and drip edge, extended overhangs and lifetime shingles that are warrantied for 25 years. Extra-wide double doors provide easy access for lawn tractors, ATV’s and more. Every building on the site is constructed with engineered treated siding for long term durability.

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