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Nothing evokes that peaceful ‘driving in the country on a sunny Saturday afternoon’ feeling like the architectural lines of a classic wood barn. It’s amazing how the human brain connects an emotion to unique shapes like that. There’s a reminiscent charm to a barn shed that adds a little touch of country to any yard. With the recent surge in popularity of the Modern Farmhouse Design, wooden storage barns have also taken off. After all, nothing goes better with a Modern Farmhouse than a barn storage shed. If you like a bit of adventurous with your classic, mix up your color choice. Red, of course, is a classic. But an original twist on paint color can make for a dramatic effect. It’s up to you, you’re the boss of this farm!


There are some popular accessories people tend to choose with their barn storage shed. The most popular are ramps to get your lawn tractor, ATV, golf cart or other vehicle in and out with ease. Next in line are finishing touches like an over door solar light, skylights or upgraded architectural shingles which are completely worth it on a barn shed since so much of the barn building is roof. The architecture of the barn shed is typically referred to as gambrel style due to the characteristic pitch and shape of the roof.


Beyond the visual appeal, people often select the barn style because it has a significant amount of overhead storage space in the loft area. Many wood barns have lofts included for storing seasonal items. Depending on the size of your building you should consult your local building codes before starting any shed project, as you might need a building permit. In addition, the terrain needs to be within 6 inches of level. The gambrel roof has four roof planes, two on each side of the ridge. The upper slope is constructed using a shallow angle, while the lower angle is steeper. This design creates a larger space under the roof structure that greatly increases overhead area, making the shed feel much larger. Now everyone can have a barn in their back yard. The Heartland Wood Barn closely resembles a full-sized barn. Having one of our barn sheds installed in your backyard will bring a little bit of country living, no matter what your address. We do all the work so with heartlandsheds.com you don’t need any tools and you don’t need any cows to have your very own wood barn shed.barn shed storage

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