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With a classic roofline, A-frame sheds fit perfect in any backyard setting. They are one of the most popular shed styles because of their flexibility and affordability. They can be used in a garden setting, for outdoor storage or even as a man-cave of she shed. All A-frame sheds have a steep angled roof and windows are typical. The doors are commonly placed on the long wall, but some are built with double doors on both the side and gable walls. This makes it very easy to access stored items and really allows the shed to be opened up permitting much airflow to keep your shed cool in warmer months.


An A-frame style shed may be the perfect solution for the storage challenged or the saving grace of an overstuffed garage. Often owners equip their A-frame shed fun accessories like shutters, a cupola, window boxes and more. Whether you will use your shed for simple storage, as a workspace or as an entertainment space, this classic shed design is both attractive and functional. The traditional A-frame roofline provides excellent movement of water away from the shed foundation and lots of curb appeal. When you consider factors like paint color, design and functional accessories you can truly make the A-frame shed uniquely yours. The way you want it to look and the way you need it to function based on your specific plans for shed use is entirely up to you. A large double door will give you the easy access you need for lawn tractors, ATV’s and more. The A-frame wood sheds with double doors on the gable wall allow ease of access for long items like canoes, kayaks or long ladders.


If you plan to work in your A-frame storage shed, make sure you add wall vents and operable windows for adequate airflow and ventilation. Adding a skylight or two will also help with getting the hot air out of your shed and greatly increase the amount of natural light to work by. A-frame style sheds go nicely with almost any home style. You can paint it to match or compliment your home. Or, you can go bold and do something extravagant.

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