Extra Large Wood Sheds

288 square feet and up puts you in the extra-large shed category.  Also referred to as “big buildings,” these wood sheds are great for storage, for a workshop or for pretty much anything you can imagine. You will have all the room you need to build, work and get organized. Our extra-large sheds come in two styles. You can choose from a ranch style garage, or a barn style shed with 2nd story.


With a building of this size you can let your imagination run wild. They can be used for large-scale workout spaces, or even full-sized yoga studios. If you’re an artist, craftsman or mechanic, you’ll have all the space you need to delve into your work. We’ve seen folks use these sheds for car mechanic garages, professional sculpture studios, rebuilding vintage motorcycles, sound recording studios, dance facilities, and with some modifications, deluxe guest houses.

Create the ultimate workshop with a shed of this size. It has unlimited potential as the perfect workshop for the do-it-yourselfer. Add windows, skylights, ventilation and you have an ultra-affordable workshop – right in your backyard. No more searching for a spot to work on your big projects, and no more wishing you had enough space to get things done.


Man Cave. Bar Shed. She Shed. They’re the hottest trend. Who doesn’t want one. With this much space you can create a vacation destination right in your backyard. All. You have to do is walk out your back door — it’s a shedcation.

  • Size category: Extra Large
  • Sizes: 16’x20’+
  • Square footage: 288 square feet +
  • Uses: Garage, workshop, home office, guest house, art studio, man cave, she shed, theater, gym, music studio, motorcycle storage and more
  • Items that can fit inside:  Cars, motorcycles, snow mobiles, wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, bicycles, wet-vac’s, snowblowers, tractors, canoe’s, ATV’s, boats and more
  • Types: wood, metal and plastic
  • Roof style: Gable, gambrel and ranch
  • Cost: $6,999+

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