Wood Utility Sheds

Typically, utility sheds are smaller in size and they are wider than they are deep for easier access to items stored on the back wall. Our sheds, providing a luxury of space, range in size from 10’x8’ up to 16’x12’. They come in classic ranch and modern styles. Gable design or straight pitched roof design, also referred to as a lean-to shed, give you options that will fit your preference. With the standard double doors you can easily bring items in and out of the shed. The basic mandatory requirement for any utility storage shed is that it provides utility. So, Heartland Sheds come standard with built-in functionality.

Utility Shed Uses

Outdoor utility sheds are a great all-purpose building. Some people use them for simple storage of yard maintenance equipment while others use them to work inside.  Of course, the way you use it will go a long way in determining what size you need. The open space you need for doing work inside will require more square footage.

Utility Storage Shed Options

The Heartland utility shed options available, with their high walls and open floor plan provide many options for customization. So, whether you’re housing lawn equipment or creating your own personal workshop, a shed can do it all. Your garage will be so much more functional if you get all of that clutter out of there and into your shed. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to park your car inside your garage again!


utility shed


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