Red Sheds

Red is a classic shed color, deriving from the red barn shed anyone who’s ever driven down a country road has no doubt seen. Red is a very popular house color in Norway and other Scandinavian countries. You may have also seen red frequently used as a lake cabin color. There’s something very historic and country about the color red that continues to drive its popularity today. We see this popularity carry over into the color choices for sheds.


The range of reds is very broad. One might select from a bright fire engine red all the way to a much more subtle earthy red. The funny thing is red, though a color commonly associated with energy and action, when on a building takes on a much more relaxed tone. This, we believe, is because of the history we have touched on. It is the relaxed country barn shed and wooded cabin effect.

Red has a strong masculine energy and can often be linked to strength and power. It signifies a pioneering spirit, prompting ambition and determination. Everyone is familiar with the red ‘power tie’ in business. Maybe if you paint your workshop shed red it will prompt you to more quick and decisive action and you will get more projects done.


As touched on earlier, red has many variations. Colors such as scarlet, crimson and others. The connotations of each variation may differ. Darker colors like maroon or burgundy represent an action that is more restrained and sophisticated. Brighter shades, like scarlet, imply more energy. For a bar shed, we’d advise something like scarlet to keep the party going.

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