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Quality Sheds in Alton, Illinois

Our Alton, IL branch installs over 1,700  wood sheds every year. Your order includes shingles, delivery, installation and several upgrades you would not get anywhere else.
Every shed is made in the U.S.A and is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Without lifting a finger, you can get a premium shed built in your backyard – so you’ll have the space you need to get things done.

Our Alton branch services customers within 150 miles. Plus, if you live within 50 miles from our location, shed installation and delivery is FREE! A $1.75 fee applies per mile for any customers that live beyond 50 miles from our branch.

Other areas we serve:

62002 – Alton, IL 62087 – South Roxana, IL
62018 – Cottage Hills, IL 62035 – Godfrey, IL
62024 – East Alton, IL 62084 – Roxana, IL
62095 – Wood River, IL 62012 – Brighton, IL
63386 – West Alton, MO 63034 – Florissant, MO
62010 – Bethalto, IL 62067 – Moro, IL
62048 – Hartford, IL 63033 – Florissant, MO
63138 – Saint Louis, MO And much more

Illinois Shed Permit Guidelines

Always check with your HOA or check with your local zoning board. Generally, any free standing shed starting at 120 square ft, and having a peak height starting at
10 foot and 4 inches might need a building permit. Another requirement that we often see is the counties are requiring is that the building be anchored either using earth anchors or concrete anchors.
Some areas require concrete pads or piers under the building, which again you need to check with local codes at your zoning commission. If piers are required, they need to be at least
34 inches deep and the bottom of the pier must be flared out.

Custom Sheds in Illinois

Some of our most custom shed options in the Alton, Illinois area include felt and drip edge for the roof, extra ventilation, such as our ridge vents, wall vents, shelves and windows. Be sure to find a wood shed
that has room to grow as you collect items. Remember, a shed can do more than store tools.  It can be a workshop or you can make it feel like home.

Best-Selling Storage Sheds in the  Alton Area

Ranch style sheds are our most popular style in Madison County along with gable roof buildings. Barn sheds are another popular style thanks to their country charm and overhead storage loft.

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From $4,999

9 size(s) available


From $4,299

2 size(s) available

Classic Deluxe

From $5,299

5 size(s) available


From $4,799

7 size(s) available


From $3,999

1 size(s) available


From $9,999

5 size(s) available


From $7,499

2 size(s) available

Palo Alto

From $5,999

2 size(s) available


From $9,999

5 size(s) available

Workshop XL

From $15,999

1 size(s) available


From $12,999

1 size(s) available

Two Story

From $18,999

5 size(s) available